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Updated on November 25, 2022
Name Muslim Pro
Publisher Bitsmedia Pte Ltd
Category Lifestyle
Version 13.3.1
Size 36M
Price FREE
Requires Network, GPS
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Link Download Apmody, Modyolo
Other Description Muslim Pro recognized by more than 110 million Muslims worldwide as the most accurate prayer time reminder and azan application

The MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) version of Muslim Pro offered to us unlocks full premium features. You can download and use it without paying any fee.

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Introduce about Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro is an application under the LifeStyle category and is published by Bitsmedia Pte. The idea of Muslim Pro is to give Muslim religious followers a common community where people can meet, share and pray together. Not long after its release, the application soon became popular and used by hundreds of millions of people.

If you are also a Muslim, with belief in Allah, download Muslim Pro and join one of the largest religious communities in the world.

Pray together

The first time you start the app, the system asks you to grant location permissions. Thanks to this information, the app is able to get your current area and time zone.

As a member of Islam, you probably also know that in a day there are timelines for prayer. Muslim Pro needs to know your area and time to notify you, prayer time has come. This time has been standardized, followed by all people in the religion. Therefore, you do not need to worry about information security and data collection when using Muslim Pro.

All information will be provided on the Prayers tab. When you access this feature, you can see all six prayer timelines that will take place during the day. Each landmark has its respective names: Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha'a.

Of course, you can set the alarm as you like for each timeline. Although the default ringtones are quite few, do not even give you permission to use the alarm or sound file on the device. But you can use more alarms when using Muslim Pro's premium plan.

Share your prayers with everyone

Muslim Pro is like a social network where people can share status lines and interact with each other.

More specifically, the Muslim Pro status sharing feature is designed quite in detail. You can love other people's statuses, share them or rewrite them through the editor, add background images, videos, and more.

However, there are also many quotes written in Arabic, if you do not know much about the language it will be a bit inconvenient.

The Qur'an

Muslims believe that the Qur'an is the last word left by Allah. It is considered the fundamental source of each person's faith and actions. This type of writing is the most important of Islam, which is what any Muslim read.

Muslim Pro offers a lot of the Qur'an. You can find them in their respective categories. As for writing, there are two types available, including Sura and Juz. For MP3 files, you can access the Playlist and choose the library and each collection has been selected. The playback time of each part in the Playlist is quite long, played at 320kbps quality.

In addition, you can also visit My Qur'an to discover more.

Halal Places

Halal Places is a feature built into Muslim Pro. It uses your location to search for Halal locations in the area, and determines its location via Google Map. Thanks to that, you can easily find your favorite Halal spot.

Access Livestream sessions from church and Arabic

Some of the core members of Muslim Pro regularly share videos and Livestreams. They are broadcast on Youtube. However, if you don't know their channel, you can follow through the Makkah Live Stream feature right inside the app.

MOD APK version of Muslim Pro

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked: Muslim Pro is a free app. However, there are plenty of premium items that come with premium plans. And therefore, in order to fully use the features of Muslim Pro, you will have to pay a fee or use the MOD APK version provided by us.

Download Muslim Pro MOD APK for Android

Muslim Pro is known by most of the Muslims. They are using it daily, to pray together and share prayers with each other. Are you Muslim? Download the app and join the largest Muslim community in the world right now!

Available Versions of Muslim Pro

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