LineX Icon Pack

Updated on November 25, 2022
Name LineX Icon Pack
Publisher JustNewDesigns
Category Personalization
Version 5.2
Size 83M
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0 and up
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Link Download Play Store, Apkloo
Other Description LineX Icon Pack APK is the best-rated icon pack of 2019, giving your smartphone a completely new, modern, and minimalistic look.

This super simple Neony icon pack with linear theme over 6000+ icons, It is one of the freshest icon packs you can think of.

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Introduce about LineX Icon Pack

I have a few friends who collect icon packs all day. They share continuously, every time they find something good, they scream loud. At that time, it was so funny, and I thought that “What the hell are they so excited about, it’s just icons”.

Until one day, my lover said: “Let me share with you this beautiful icon set, you should try it”. Okay. I installed it and then left it for a while. When a work call came in, I turned on the phone to listen and immediately screamed out loud: “What happened with my phone? Why is this so beautiful?”.

Welcome to the world of icon packs. From that moment, I understood why many of my friends were so addicted to these smartphone icon sets. Well, let me tell you my feelings and experiences with it!

Why do you need to change an icon pack for your phone?

Life is full of new things. And only one way for us to never fall behind is to immerse ourselves in those new things. Refreshing your phone, from the home screen to the detail screen and every little logo, is the simplest and most practical way for you to refresh your own life and bring about a small but extremely exciting change.

Choosing and using a certain icon pack is also a way for you to express your aesthetic and fashion sense. Let me give you an example. You’re doing creative work, but your smartphone looks boring. It’s just like when you unpack from the box, nothing new, nothing special, nothing interesting, then looking at it is also somewhat boring. It’s not the only thing to judge your style, but it’s something that can lower your creativity score a bit.

Changing an icon pack is also a good way to refresh your phone without the need to interfere with the software or outer case. But the effect it brings is great because an icon pack will completely change the display interface of a phone.

Are there icon pack suggestions for you?

LineX Icon Pack is a set of Neon-style icons. If you have the same minimalistic taste as me, you should try this set. All icons in the LineX Icon Pack are made up of simple straight lines (and sometimes curves), with a unique gradient color scheme. The feeling of looking at it is both classic and futuristic, like the mechanical structure in the fiction movies we often watch. In my opinion, this design style will never be outdated. In LineX Icon Pack, there are more than 4800 different icons and countless high-quality backgrounds, which is enough to create a variety of rich, different interfaces for your mobile device.

How to say. It not only is a normal novelty but also gives me the feeling of holding something very beautiful in my hand. Each symbol that appears in front of me is a fine-tuned, artistic masterpiece that combines contemporary and future. Have you heard the saying “The simpler the more different”? The essence of simplicity lies in this great icon set.

And the number does not stop at 4800 icons as of now but will increase much more shortly. So that every time you download or update any application on your phone, the icon of that application can immediately turn into this interesting Neon style.

When using LineX Icon Pack to reset all icons on your phone, you can freely customize the size of the icon from 100% to up to 120%. There is a preview mode for you to easily modify. In addition, it also supports you with the dynamic calendar so you can easily keep track of the current time. And it has a panel to layout and display icons on the phone. How you change or customize is up to you.

Up to now, this application has more than 5,000 downloads (information from Google Play), is it enough to prove how hot and popular it is?

Is it easy to install LineX Icon Pack?

It’s very easy, everyone, just like other mobile applications that you often install.

- Step 1: Install Theme Launcher to be supported.
- Step 2: Open LineX Icon Pack, go to Apply and select Run to apply.

Note: you must have the appropriate Launcher to use it. If you don’t have it, install it before using this icon set.

Download LineX Icon Pack APK free for Android

During use, if you discover that an icon is not in the icon list and is different from the others, you can take a screenshot and send it immediately to the developer’s support email at

Available Versions of LineX Icon Pack

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